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Chocolate Wedding Favours

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Dark Belgian Chocolate Cerisettes

Whole cherries, steeped in brandy and encased in rich Belgian dark chocolate

Milk Chocolate Shoe in Red filled with Belgian Chocolates

Luxury Belgian Chocolates by Post

Luxury Belgian Chocolates by post with FREE delivery on most products.

We offer some of the best Belgian chocolates you can buy, sourced from carefully selected Chocolatiers based in Belgium and the United Kingdom. All of our chocolates are hand packaged to order, ensuring the best quality and freshest chocolates every time.

Our Classic Collections can be gift wrapped for that extra special touch, a hand written gift card included and posted to any address in the UK.

Some of our best sellers…

Care of your Belgian Chocolates

Your chocolates are best kept at cool room temperature, out of direct light.  Please don’t put them in a fridge.  The sudden change in temperature and humidity can lead to a white surface on some chocolates, known as bloom.  This is harmless and doesn’t affect the taste of your chocolates, but it will ruin the appearance.

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